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About gedpro
GEDPRO is a global consulting company of Project Management, we provide consultancy services, 
technology, training and outsourcing. In GEDPRO we are committed to projects from customers,
ensuring the implementation is on time and on budget,  using innovative management methods and
the most advanced technology
Who are we?
GEDPRO is a young organization that has a group of active and dynamic professionals, enthusiasts of Project
Management with large experience in managing complex projects in different sectors.
What is our mission?
Our mission is to convert our customers in highly efficient organizations through the Project Management,
ensuring alignment with business strategy projects.
What values do we have?
The corporate culture of GEPRO is based in three values; these values are the pillars on which way we do
business both internally and with customers. These values are:
  1. Creation of value for the customer, always looking to improve the efficiency of the client's business.
  2. Attracting and retaining the best professionals, ensuring the best service is provided by the best professionals.
  3. Ethics and moral integrity, inspiring confidence through accountability and performance ethic.
GEDPRO also assumes the code of professional ethics in the profession of Project Management marking by 
Project Management Institute
What is our strategy?
Our strategy is defined through three main objectives:
  1. The vocation of services to customers, providing the best service to achieve the best results.
  2. Innovation in offered services; to be leaders we must be innovative.
  3. Being the best organization to work and develop professionally.
GEDPRO alliances are essential in achieving our mission. Currently we are partners of Microsoft, Metocube,
Asozia, Mindjet and Seavus. We are always looking for new commitments to provide the best services to our
customers. If you would like to propose an alliance, please visit contact section.
MicrosoftteamboxMindjet Partner Authorised SalesOnepoint
Where are we?
GEDPRO is in Jose las Clotas nº7 of Gijón Asturias (Spain)
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